Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Oh My Dog. Summer vacation just ended and Peter went back to school. I call it summer vay. Where did that summer go?

Peter and Max and I played all summer. Except when Peter had to go to the Hawthorne family reunion in July. Grandma Ginny wanted Peter to bring me but Mom said I had to stay home and guard the house. Poor Grandma Ginny.

We went to Barkity Park everyday and Peoples Park probably every other day or more. Peoples has a pool but dogs have to be on leash. Kiddie pools around the neighborhood work just as well. We swam a lot plus you don't have to be on a leash. And we ran through every sprinkler that was on. Plus the creek. We went swimming there. We got wet about every day during summer vay.

We went out to Claytor Lake once too. Peter and Max rode their skateboards but I still could keep up with them. And what kind of boards do Peter and Max have? I will personally give a DWDS* to anyone who can tell the kind of skateboards they have. Its in the book. All you have to do is read the book Peter and I wrote and leave a comment below. It's called RockyDog and it stars Peter and Max and yours truly, the old RockyDog.

RockyDog out.

*DWDS -  Dripping Wet Dog Shake -  that's when you're all summer hot and want to cool down so you send a dog into a pool (or a creek or lake or sprinkler) and then stand right next to them when they come out of the pool and DWDS, you just got soaked. Act quickly because if Peter is going back to school, that means it's going to start cooling down and DWDSs are so much better in the summertime.

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