Friday, August 24, 2012

Yo, Dawgs. It's me, RockyDog

I just finished writing my first book. Can you believe it? A dog actually wrote a book?

Yeah, I can believe it.

I didn't write the whole thing myself. My human, Peter, helped and if you had read my first book, that book I just finished writing, you would know how we did it. It explains it in the book.

Me and Peter, excuse me, that should be Peter and I. Anyway, Peter and I wrote it together. He did the actual writing because if you had read the book, you would know that we dogs don't have the ability to use a pencil and write actual words on a sheet of paper. It doesn't look like writing at all. I tried keyboarding on the computer but that was a mess. So you really need a human around to write a book.

I gave Peter the ideas. He added some of his own, but mostly he wrote what I told him to say. Dogs can read, of course, and we're pretty good at math. That's a fact. Google it if you want. But to do the actual writing part, good luck finding another animal to do that. Humans are the only ones who can write. Monkeys, too. I think most of the primates can, though lemurs have trouble with spelling.

Anyway, just wanted to share the news. Peter and the old RockyDog did it.

Now, can you guess what I look like? I'll give you a hint. I look like a dog. Write a description of what you think I look like. You can draw a picture, too. The ones who get the closest will get a lick from me, RockyDog.

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